Winning Casino Gambling Tips

When you walk out of a casino, you either walk out a winner or walk out with dry pockets. There’s no guarantee in casino gambling— you may put more dollars into your pocket, or you may end up with your bankroll completely gone. Our casino gambling tips will show you how to curb your losses, and win more.

The first of our casino gambling tips: Know your game. Know, for instance, odds, house edge, and payout for each game. Play games with low house edge and high return rate, and avoid games with high house edge and low return rate.

For instance, if you’ve come to play keno, would it be better to play video keno or stay in a keno lounge? If you’ve come to play slots, look for machines with a 98% payout percentage. If you’ve come to play roulette, know which wheel has the lower house edge and which bets have the highest probability rate of hitting.

Know what would maximize your winnings. If you’ve come to play blackjack, look for a table with “dealer stand on 17s” rule. And don’t play at all if you don’t know blackjack basic strategy.

The second of our casino gambling tips: Determine your wagering limit and stick to that budget. For instance, if you have $1000 in your pocket and you have set $500 as your limit, then stop playing after you have wagered that amount. Don’t chase losses hoping to win back the lost amount. Many of those who chase losses end up with nothing. Do not gamble what remains in your pocket. Better yet, do no bring your ATM or credit card with you to avoid the temptation of cashing out more money to wager.

The third of our casino gambling tips: If you win, set aside your winnings. If you win $250, you can either set aside that $250 and continue to gamble with your $500 bankroll or keep the $500 and re-set your wagering limit to $250.

The fourth of our casino gambling tips: Know what games are the best and worst bets. Some of the best bets include full payout video poker, mini-baccarat, pai gow poker, and European roulette. Some of the worse bets include double-zero roulette, short pay video poker, Red Dog, and Carribean Poker.

The fifth of our casino gambling tips: Have fun. Hope to win but do not expect to so you would not end up frustrated.

Losing is part and parcel of gambling, and so is winning. Winning in a casino, after all, takes the right strategy, knowledge, and luck. We can’t do anything with the “luck” part. But our strategy-oriented, knowledge-oriented casino gambling tips can make you win more every time you step inside a casino.