Expos win arbitration case against SS Cabrera

MONTREAL (Ticker) — Shortstop Orlando Cabrera drove in 96 runs and won a Gold Glove for the Montreal Expos last season, but lost his arbitration case and will settle for $2.4 million in 2002.

Cabrera, 27, was seeking $3.1 million after making $340,000 in 2001.

The Expos also announced Wednesday that injury-plagued pitcher Carl Pavano agreed to a one-year contract, avoiding salary arbitration.

Terms of his deal were undisclosed, but Pavano submitted an arbitration figure of $1.425 million, while the team filed at $1.2 million.

Voted by teammates as the Expos’ player of the year ahead of star outfielder Vladimir Guerrero, Cabrera played in all 162 games and hit .276 with 14 homers.

A native of Colombia, Cabrera led all National League shortstops last year in fielding percentage (.986), starts (160), assists (514), total chances (771) and putouts (246).

Carribean Stud Strategy

A basic strategy is to only make a “call” bet if your hand is A-K-J-8-3 or better and to fold otherwise. The idea of this strategy is that this hand is the lowest break-even hand in the game.

The following table shows a strategy of when to make the “call” bet which will further cut the house edge from the above strategy but only by a very small amount.

Dealer’s Exposed Card

Call Bet
Pair of 8’s-A’s Any Yes
Pair of 7’s 7,6,5,4,3,2 Yes
Pair of 6’s 6,5,4,3,2 Yes
Pair of 5’s 5,4,3,2 Yes
Pair of 4’s Any Yes
Pair of 3’s Any Yes
Pair of 2’s Any Yes
A-K-Q-J-X Any Yes
A-K-Q-X-X A, K, Q, X, X If Dealer’s card matches any card in your hand
A-K-J-X-X A, K, J, X, X If Dealer’s card matches any card in your hand
A-K-10-X-X A, K,10, X, X If Dealer’s card matches any card in your hand
X represents any unpaired, non-sequential, non-suited cards.

Do not routinely place a “call” bet on every hand, as the dealer will have a qualified hand approximately 56% of the time. Follow the basic strategies listed above and you will improve your chances of winning.

Blackjack FAQ

Can the game of blackjack be “beaten?”

Employing basic strategy (see our Blackjack Strategy section from details on basic Blackjack strategy) provides the house with an edge of under 1%. Though many books have purported strategies where the game of blackjack can be beaten soundly, we’ve yet to see these strategies mathematically proven. That’s not to say that you can’t win money playing Blackjack. We’ve seen streaks and entire shoes swing drastically in a player’s favor. However, mathematical simulation tells us that over time, using basic strategy, the house will have a slight edge.

Is card counting legal?

Yes! But of course, many casinos frown upon you doing so. Also, remember, you can’t count cards when playing online. However, playing online is a good opportunity to brush up on your card counting skills, as you’re are able to dictate the pace of play (you can play as slow as you’d like).

Can I be kicked out of a casino for counting cards?

Yes and No. It depends on where you’re playing. Most Las Vegas casinos reserve the right to dismiss you from their property for any reason. Regardless of whether you’re counting cards, if you’ve won a lot of money, and the casino expects you of foul play, you may be getting a visit from the pit boss.

Can a “bad” player sitting at the table affect the outcome of my hand?

No! For example, a player sitting at “third base” that routinely takes a hit on a “17” when the dealer’s showing a “6” will not adversely affect your hand over time. The “bad” player will help your hand as often hurting it.

Is playing blackjack online different than playing at “traditional” casino?

Yes and No. The rules of the game, the strategies employed, and payouts are basically the same. However, the speed of play is determined by you and not the Blackjack dealer. Online play is great for practice and for novice players, as it provides ample time to think about your options. Also, as one might expect, when you play online there are no breaks for shuffling, and no distractions from cocktail waitresses (though we’ve yet to determine if this is a good thing).

How do I know that the cards being dealt in online blackjack are not fixed?

Most online casinos are audited by accounting firms who verify that the random number software is, in fact, producing random outcomes for cards and dice and also verify that claimed payouts are correct. Also, most online casinos use third parties to run simulations of all games in order to verify the randomness of the outcomes. The casinos will usually display their accreditations on their website to give players more comfort in their credibility.

Delaware football coach Tubby Raymond announces retirement

NEWARK, Delaware (Ticker) — Delaware’s Harold “Tubby” Raymond, one of just nine college football coaches to reach 300 career wins, announced his retirement on Monday.

The 75-year-old Raymond has coached at Delaware for 36 years and reached the milestone victory with a 10-6 decision over Richmond on November 10. Those reaching 300 wins include legendary coaches such as Eddie Robinson, Joe Paterno, and Bear Bryant.

“Nothing lasts forever, and so it is with me,” Raymond said. “I knew eventually it would be time to leave and this just seemed like the appropriate time.”

It was Bryant who once nicknamed the 5-7 Raymond “Napolean.” And while Raymond may have been short of stature, he was long on success.

Raymond has accounted for over 50 percent of Delaware’s 575 all-time wins in 110 seasons of college football.

“Tubby Raymond is a college football icon,” Delaware athletics director Edgar N. Johnson said. “His contributions to our university, to its athletic program, to the hundreds of young men whose lives he has impacted and to the sport of football are unrivaled.”

Dave Winfield named Padres vice president

SAN DIEGO (Ticker) — Dave Winfield, who became the first Baseball Hall of Famer adorned with the cap of the San Diego Padres last summer, was named vice president of the team on Tuesday.

Padres president and CEO Bob Vizas made the announcement and said that Winfield’s responsibilities will include front office and on-field business, the review of existing practices, baseball operations, marketing, the new ballpark, player development, community relations and diversity issues.

One of only seven players to collect 3,000 hits and 400 home runs, Winfield was inducted on August 4, 2001, with former Minnesota Twins teammate Kirby Puckett.

Winfield, who never played in the minor leagues and was drafted by teams in four professional sports leagues, spent the first eight of his 22 major league seasons with the Padres and retired with 3,110 hits, 465 home runs, and 1,833 RBI. He drove in at least 100 runs eight times, including 108 at the age of 41, and was an All-Star every year from 1977-88.

Bulls acquire Rose from Pacers in seven-player deal

CHICAGO (Ticker) — Fighting for a playoff berth, the Indiana Pacers have traded Jalen Rose, their leading scorer and most versatile player, to the Chicago Bulls in a seven-player deal.

The Pacers landed shooting guard Ron Mercer, swingman Ron Artest, center Brad Miller and backup point guard Kevin Ollie and sent Rose, point guard Travis Best, rookie guard Norm Richardson and a conditional second-round pick to the Bulls.

Trade rumors intensified when the Bulls elected not to play Artest and Miller in Monday night’s game against the Miami Heat. Mercer is on the injured list.

The NBA trading deadline is Thursday at 6 p.m. EST.

The Pacers (26-27) are one-half game behind Philadelphia and Charlotte in a battle for the eighth and final Eastern Conference playoff spot. The Bulls (12-40) have the worst record in the NBA.

A starter at small forward, Rose is averaging 18.5 points, 4.7 rebounds and 3.7 assists this season and recently said he wanted to finish his career as a Pacer when trade speculation swirled last week.

In his final game as a Pacer, Rose scored 11 of his 17 points in the fourth quarter to lead Indiana to an 86-76 win over Philadelphia on Sunday.

Rose, who turned 29 last month, is making $10.8 million this season and is guaranteed $72 million over the next five years.

A lefthanded shooter and one of four players to average at least 20 points, five rebounds and five assists last season, the 6-8 Rose can also play both guard positions.

Best, 29, will be a free agent after the season and is averaging 6.9 points and 4.0 assists as a backup to rookie Jamaal Tinsley. He averaged 11.9 points and 6.1 assists last season.

Mercer, the Bulls’ leading scorer at 16.8 points per game, is on the injured list. Artest is the team’s second leading scorer at 15.6 points per game and Miller is third at 12.7.

The 25-year-old Mercer, who will make $6.75 million per season through 2003-04, will be a difficult fit in Indiana with Reggie Miller at shooting guard.

Known for his defense, the 6-7, 245-pound Artest addresses Indiana’s need for a player with the ability to cover high-scoring shooting guards and small forwards.

Artest, 22, expressed a desire to be traded to a winning team and volunteered to play any position but center for the Pacers.

The 7-foot, 260-pound Miller fills Indiana’s need for a big body in the middle. Jermaine O’Neal, who is 6-11 and 225 pounds, starts at center for Indiana with 6-11, 240-pound Jeff Foster serving as a backup. Along with averaging 12.7 points, Miller is grabbing 8.4 rebounds per game.

The Bulls faced the possibility of losing both Artest and Miller when their contracts expire after next season. Artest is playing under his rookie contract and is making $1.2 million this season. Miller is earning $4.4 million this season and is guaranteed $4.8 million in 2002-03.

Trading Miller paves the way for the Bulls to give more minutes to rookie center Eddy Curry.

Chicago would also love to unload 38-year-old power forward Charles Oakley, who is in the final year of a three-year contract and expressed a desire to be traded to a contender.

Americans do Rumsfeld proud, Flowers breaks racial barrier

SALT LAKE CITY (Ticker) — There was nothing political about Donald Rumsfeld on Tuesday — he was partial to the United States’ biggest stars.

The Secretary of Defense experienced a whirlwind of American success on day 12 of the Winter Games, witnessing a world record, a team on the brink of another title and a figure skater closer to gold.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find time to witness history as Vonetta Flowers became the first African-American to medal in the Winter Olympics when she won gold with Jill Bakken in the inaugural women’s bobsled.

A former track and field star in college, Flowers pushed the winning sled into history, helping the United States to its first bobsled medal since 1946 — and possibly other African-Americans into the Winter Games.

“Hopefully, this won’t be the end of it,” she said. “Hopefully, this will encourage other African-American boys and girls to give winter sports a try because you don’t see to many of them out there.”

Rumsfeld missed history but not much else.

After having a hot dog with Canadian figure skaters Jamie Sale and David Pelletier at the Olympic Village, it was all United States for Rumsfeld.

First, he made a 14-mile trip to the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, where speed skater Derek Parra set a world record in the 1,500-meters.

Who plays the dead pond

If you really think about it, dead pond is a morbid form of gambling. He also called the ghoul pool, the object of the game is to predict the death of a prominent individual. Money is involved in this game. Usually, the dish awaits the person who successfully predicts a person’s death. A typical game is to have players choose a celebrity they think they would die in a given year. However, the pot or sign varies, depending on the circumstances. For example, a small amount of money receives to the person who successfully predicts the prominent 80-year-old death or to the death of a celebrity who is suffering from a terminal illness.

Other dead pool games involve players to make a list of people who think of who time was up. They would list them accordingly and / or give them points to the probability of the event. Other celebrities have a fixed point or notice if many players select him / her.

Another variation of the game only rewards one point to an expected individual who dies. This variation is preferable because more focus is on scoring and on pure research. Players find all they could on governing situations like age, medical status, etc., and stake their bets purely from there. Among the variation is more won by ?? of luck or bad luck.

Yet another variation is the death list. But unlike the dead pond, the death list has no competitors and points. The purpose of the list is to predict the death of the individuals on the following year, instead of the year in dead pond.

The dead pond was played in popular media, particularly in the Howard stern radio show. A segment from his program receives a call from listeners to predict who their dead pool list is. Each visitor tries to predict the next star that would pass away. Moreover, every visitor in the program places his bets. This pool failure practice now includes betting on what business venture would fail or get sold. KQRS Radio Station holds an annual contest of annual on-air pool. Plus, they also have successful strategies for the game written by the jock Mike Gelfand of KQRS.

But mostly, games are played on celebrities. But to get a precise definition on what definition should be included, small and dead pool games resort to getting consensus as to who is famous. Some rely on the obituaries coming out in Reuters or related pressure.

Naturally, the players who kill the celebrities themselves were cheating and he would be eliminated from the dead pool game. But that would be the least of his problems. This was the main storyline of the Clint Eastwood flick the dead pool.

Speed ​​that counts as a Blackjack course

We all know that the game of Blackjack is a game of skill. Know how to count cards, the player can acquire the advantage over the casino. The easiest method to date is speed counting. In a two-day range, the player can know how to present the mathematical advantage against the casino. It is about 70% – 95% effective compared to KO counts and at most / below. This learning can be used in blackjack games involved in any number of cards. If the players are a basic type of strategy, looking to have the next step to acquire the advantage I can say that the speed count is the one for them to learn.

Here are the pros and cons of speed counting.

The pros:

Speed counting is the simplest blackjack card that counts the procedure the player can study.

This can give the player a mathematical goal that has an advantage over the casino.

The player can study the speed that counts in just two days.

The cons:

Speed counting has a limited number of courses available around the world.

A speed that counts description:

The seven factors that the player will have to buy to present the advantage against the casino can be learned in two full days.

Speed counting is the easiest and easiest to learn than in any other card counting procedure.

The player can have 70 to 95% of skills with speed, which counts the other counting procedure like KO and High / Low.

This uses a current count, which does not need an annulment, multiplication or division.

Speed counting can teach the player to buy more comps at a little risk.

Speed counting has a new calibrated basic strategy that offers a built-in camouflage.

The player can learn the count by actually playing simulated blackjack in casino session games.

The speed count can preset the size of the bet based on the count to have automatic player decisions.

Speed counting can teach the player about money management and bankroll considerations for any degree of gambling.

The speed that counts the courses is learned and examined by the two of the most important mathematicians in the country who have their test at casino games. Both have proven that using speed counting can give the player advantages over the casino.

Let me remind players that even if they have acquired the speed that counts the skills it does not follow that they will win with each game that they will play. The speed that counts the course will also provide the student with a realistic detail on what to expect when playing blackjack in a casino, of course, there is always risk involved.

Improve your Blackjack skills with hit or stand

Hit or Stand is a free online blackjack game and lesson that builds your blackjack tactics while playing. Instead of making money, the goal of the coup or the stand is to notice a high ratio of right movements.

Stand or strike play will increase your strategy, but blackjack odds do not favor you no matter how excellent your game is (unless you use the card that counts). The software requires Macromedia Flash 4 or above.

Stand or strike blackjack works similarly with other blackjack games, except that your score depends on your ability to make the right moves on individual hands. Once the cards are dealt, you can choose to make four kinds of a hit, stand, double, or movements ie split. Because the strike or the stand is a Blackjack trainer, it is up to you to overlap your cards to recognize if you are allowed to split or double down. An illegitimate movement will be considered bad. If your move is allowed, the strategy tables will determine if your move is legal or illegal. Although blackjack tactics can range from a casino at another, most casinos run over two classes of rules. A legal movement tables of techniques by rules of Las Vegas or de Atlantic City will be recognized as legal.

Hit or stand blackjack offers two levels of play for players to choose from: easy and difficult. If it is the easy or difficult level, you will receive twenty hands and your final feedback will be the ratio of the right movements that. In addition, the hard way will offer difficult hands and you will be given four seconds to make different decisions.

A player who accumulates a total of one hundred percent at the end of twenty hands will advance to the bonus phase. In the round extension, each player will have a total of one minute to perform as many right moves as possible. Every right move is worth a point of indemnity.

Playing stand or stroke play will increase your blackjack tactics and increase your chances of making more money. But, unless you employ the card counting systems, blackjack odds do not favor you, though you may be the ideal blackjack player. Occasionally, the result can switch to your favor; but in general, the more money you play, the more likely you will also lose.

To learn the correct strategies and improve your blackjack skills, stand or hit play can be the perfect game for you.