Casino Private Detectives – Griffin Investigations

If there is one entity that strikes fear into the hearts of advantage players everywhere, it’s Griffin Investigations Inc. You’ve probably heard of it. This private detective company is the big bad guy as far as gamblers are concerned. But just what is Griffin Investigations and how does it help casinos identify advantage players and get rid of them?

Contrary to what one may imagine, Griffin Investigations is a small company of only half a dozen people. Their work is pretty simple: collecting photographs of known or suspected advantage players and publishing them in books in order to expose them to the public. Once a gambler finds his or her mug on the pages of a Griffin book, his or her gambling career is pretty much done.

Where does Griffin Investigations take its photographs from? They are provided by the casinos themselves which subscribe to Griffin’s service. Casinos all have surveillance cameras installed in their gambling rooms to monitor players, besides the pit bosses, dealers and floor managers. When the casino personnel find one who they believe might be a possible advantage player, they forward his or her picture to Griffin.

This is why it is important for advantage players never to look suspicious when they do their thing in the casinos. Casinos always monitor their games, especially the “juicy” ones with favorable rules that are likely to attract advantage players in the first place.

Unfortunately for people, whether advantage players or ordinary gamblers, Griffin Investigations can be rather sloppy with its job sometimes. At least, this is what some folks claim. There are stories of players being labeled as hole carders, cheaters, card benders when none of it was ever proven. A casino employee may forward a picture of a man “suspected” of hole carding, but later when this same picture is forwarded again more unproven accusations such as card counting and conspiracy may be added. By the time it reaches Griffin, the poor fellow may have enough “crimes” attributed to him to qualify him as an MIT Blackjack Team alumnus. Nothing can be done to undo the damage once the photographs are published, and Griffin shows little regret or desire to improve its methods of identification.

A further cause of alarm is the fact that Griffin can “tag” a person as an advantage player simply for associating with a person suspected of the same, or who in turn has such an associate. In other words, you can be “innocently” playing cards and find yourself labeled as an advantage player just because you often play at the same table as a real one, or get chummy with someone else who is connected to a real advantage gambler.

Clearly then, it is not only professional gamblers who must be wary of Griffin Investigations. Even ordinary players ought to be careful lest their faces make it to the dreaded Griffin books and earn them an unwanted notoriety.