Author: Jerrome Van

Winning Casino Gambling Tips

When you walk out of a casino, you either walk out a winner or walk out with dry pockets. There’s no guarantee in casino gambling— you may put more dollars into your pocket, or you may end up with your bankroll completely gone. Our casino gambling tips will show you how to curb your losses, and win more.

The first of our casino gambling tips: Know your game. Know, for instance, odds, house edge, and payout for each game. Play games with low house edge and high return rate, and avoid games with high house edge and low return rate.

For instance, if you’ve come to play keno, would it be better to play video keno or stay in a keno lounge? If you’ve come to play slots, look for machines with a 98% payout percentage. If you’ve come to play roulette, know which wheel has the lower house edge and which bets have the highest probability rate of hitting.

Know what would maximize your winnings. If you’ve come to play blackjack, look for a table with “dealer stand on 17s” rule. And don’t play at all if you don’t know blackjack basic strategy.

The second of our casino gambling tips: Determine your wagering limit and stick to that budget. For instance, if you have $1000 in your pocket and you have set $500 as your limit, then stop playing after you have wagered that amount. Don’t chase losses hoping to win back the lost amount. Many of those who chase losses end up with nothing. Do not gamble what remains in your pocket. Better yet, do no bring your ATM or credit card with you to avoid the temptation of cashing out more money to wager.

The third of our casino gambling tips: If you win, set aside your winnings. If you win $250, you can either set aside that $250 and continue to gamble with your $500 bankroll or keep the $500 and re-set your wagering limit to $250.

The fourth of our casino gambling tips: Know what games are the best and worst bets. Some of the best bets include full payout video poker, mini-baccarat, pai gow poker, and European roulette. Some of the worse bets include double-zero roulette, short pay video poker, Red Dog, and Carribean Poker.

The fifth of our casino gambling tips: Have fun. Hope to win but do not expect to so you would not end up frustrated.

Losing is part and parcel of gambling, and so is winning. Winning in a casino, after all, takes the right strategy, knowledge, and luck. We can’t do anything with the “luck” part. But our strategy-oriented, knowledge-oriented casino gambling tips can make you win more every time you step inside a casino.

Reviewing The Worth of Brand New Casino Games

The game of Sic-Bo perhaps possess the worst possible house edge in any casino game available in any casino establishment. It also possess a lot of unadvisable wagers, with some bets possessing casino edges as high as 40%. If you play around a single hour and attain around sixty decisions, a five dollars player attempting to go against that forty percent casino edge can expect to lose around $120 dollars-which is almost worst compared with the slot machines.

The wagers that have good odds at these games are the large and minimum wagers. These types of bets have a 2.8 percent casino edge. A five dollars player will lose around $8.50 dollars on one hour if either of these two wagers will be made in the game by the player. But it is unusual for players who like playing in the unusual and pretty gaming layout of Sic Bo to just make large and minimum wagers. Most players like to play quickly and without thinking which can cost them their money in an instant.

Some of the brand new card games like Let It Ride, 3 Card Poker and Caribbean Stud can have a serious impact at your finances. Although the casino edge on these brand new card games are at 2% to 3%, the sheer amount of decisions that a player has to make in the game of Caribbean Stud which is sixty and in the game of Three Card Poker which is ninety will just make the life of the player complicated in these games. Aside from that, there are also numerous wagers that players will encounter in these games.

The Let It Ride and Caribbean Stud game features jackpot wagers that has a 25% house edge. Eventhough it is considered to be as $1 dollar wagers, sixty to eighty decisions will cause players to have losses of around twenty dollars in an hour. It will only just add up in the long run. One of the most well-liked casino games is the Large or Big Wheel. It is has a 10% to 20% house edge.

Although it is a very popular casino game, it is a game not recommended for those people that want to get something out of the game. The best wager that is considered in the game is one of the worst wagers in the casino. The brand new casino games, aside from the Spanish 21, has a fast pace with at least two percent house edge and features multiple wagers. Eventhough some new casino games do not have the staying power compared with the old casino games, all of them try to get as much money from players as possible.

Cheating Casinos, Do they Exist?

Naturally, when you are put on a cold streak, you will find someone or something to put the blame on. You will never accept the fact that you have lost on the basis of the gambling concept on its own. In most cases, you blame it on the casino. It is cheating on you; it is rigged. But are casinos really rigged? Or it was by fate and by ignorance that you lose?

You see, with all the negative things thought and said about how casinos work, the operators did everything on their command to gain the confidence of the gambling community. They have submitted themselves and their companies to government and private auditing processes that ensured they only sustain fair and honest plays. Still, the public refuse to believe. They continue to keep the impression that casino has an advantage not yet divulged, especially online casinos.

But you see, online casinos would never earn anything from cheating their members. Cheating on members only means bad business. Online casinos work hard to prove fairness and honesty because those will earn them high traffic. They would need anything except for a bad image. Another thing to prove the truth in this point is the House edge. Each and every casino enjoys a percentage of advantage over their players. That means, they do not need to fool them to earn something. Whatever happens in your game, whether you lose or win loads, the casino earns its profits. That is why they are less likely to cheat on you.

When gambling, keep in mind that you must never blame anything or anyone for bad beats as you would praise for good breaks. Nothing can do something for your bankroll other than luck. Even with skill games like Poker and Blackjack, you would still need a specific amount of luck to topple off the odds. You are either lucky or unlucky that is why you win or lose. The reason you cannot consistently win is because you are not the only gambler in this world… and you are not married to lady luck.

To lessen your heart’s load, make sure that you only gamble with an amount of money that you can afford to lose. Never be too confident about your skills or your luck because in the end, only fate can tell what will happen to your bets. Behave nicely at the gambling hall. Learn how to accept defeats and for sure, you will have many pleasant gambling adventures.

Casino Private Detectives – Griffin Investigations

If there is one entity that strikes fear into the hearts of advantage players everywhere, it’s Griffin Investigations Inc. You’ve probably heard of it. This private detective company is the big bad guy as far as gamblers are concerned. But just what is Griffin Investigations and how does it help casinos identify advantage players and get rid of them?

Contrary to what one may imagine, Griffin Investigations is a small company of only half a dozen people. Their work is pretty simple: collecting photographs of known or suspected advantage players and publishing them in books in order to expose them to the public. Once a gambler finds his or her mug on the pages of a Griffin book, his or her gambling career is pretty much done.

Where does Griffin Investigations take its photographs from? They are provided by the casinos themselves which subscribe to Griffin’s service. Casinos all have surveillance cameras installed in their gambling rooms to monitor players, besides the pit bosses, dealers and floor managers. When the casino personnel find one who they believe might be a possible advantage player, they forward his or her picture to Griffin.

This is why it is important for advantage players never to look suspicious when they do their thing in the casinos. Casinos always monitor their games, especially the “juicy” ones with favorable rules that are likely to attract advantage players in the first place.

Unfortunately for people, whether advantage players or ordinary gamblers, Griffin Investigations can be rather sloppy with its job sometimes. At least, this is what some folks claim. There are stories of players being labeled as hole carders, cheaters, card benders when none of it was ever proven. A casino employee may forward a picture of a man “suspected” of hole carding, but later when this same picture is forwarded again more unproven accusations such as card counting and conspiracy may be added. By the time it reaches Griffin, the poor fellow may have enough “crimes” attributed to him to qualify him as an MIT Blackjack Team alumnus. Nothing can be done to undo the damage once the photographs are published, and Griffin shows little regret or desire to improve its methods of identification.

A further cause of alarm is the fact that Griffin can “tag” a person as an advantage player simply for associating with a person suspected of the same, or who in turn has such an associate. In other words, you can be “innocently” playing cards and find yourself labeled as an advantage player just because you often play at the same table as a real one, or get chummy with someone else who is connected to a real advantage gambler.

Clearly then, it is not only professional gamblers who must be wary of Griffin Investigations. Even ordinary players ought to be careful lest their faces make it to the dreaded Griffin books and earn them an unwanted notoriety.

An Interesting Look at Highly Informative Books About Casinos

Throughout the years, casinos continue to be one of the main sources of premier entertainment. These gambling facilities feature some of the most exciting, interesting, and highly enticing games ever invented. Casino games like blackjack, roulette, and craps continue to provide people with high quality entertainment up to this very moment. To get to know more about the excitement and fun that these games provide, people can read highly informative casino books that offer an extensive background on how things really are at these special gaming locations.

Right now, numerous books are available that particularly deal with casinos as well as the various exciting games that they consistently offer. Three of the most exciting casino resources are “Super Casino,” “The Casino Answer Book,” and “101 Casino Gambling Tips.” Each of these outstandingly written books provide readers the ample information they need to become more familiar about how casinos work as well as their various game offerings.

In the book “Super Casino,” author Pete Earley tries to describe how the casino industry blossomed in Las Vegas during the 1990s. He does this by providing first-hand accounts of actual events that transpired during the specified period, clearly describing as to how casino management and staff conduct their regular operations. It also highlights some of the author’s very memorable experiences working for one of the most prestigious casinos in the entire Las Vegas area, which is the Luxor casino hotel.

Meanwhile, “The Casino Answer Book” enlightens the readers by offering them ample information about highly significant topics such as roulette, video poker, and blackjack. Gambling experts recommend this book for new relatively new players, who can learn numerous interesting things about the world of casinos. In order to instill insurmountable amount of valuable information to all its readers, the book contains special quizzes, which can help in the retention of knowledge. Written by John Grochowski, this book is a must-read for all the casino goers out there.

On the other hand, the book “101 Casino Gambling Tips” helps casino players improve the way they play the various games. As a bonus, this ultimate casino resource offers a list of some of the biggest casinos in the world, as well as a directory of other online casinos. Furthermore, readers will surely love the valuable information they can get about popular casino games like craps, poker, and slot machines. Written by John Marcel, readers can learn valuable information about the operations of casinos and other gaming establishments, as well as how to play competitively its various game offerings.