Day: July 18, 2018

Speed ​​that counts as a Blackjack course

We all know that the game of Blackjack is a game of skill. Know how to count cards, the player can acquire the advantage over the casino. The easiest method to date is speed counting. In a two-day range, the player can know how to present the mathematical advantage against the casino. It is about 70% – 95% effective compared to KO counts and at most / below. This learning can be used in blackjack games involved in any number of cards. If the players are a basic type of strategy, looking to have the next step to acquire the advantage I can say that the speed count is the one for them to learn.

Here are the pros and cons of speed counting.

The pros:

Speed counting is the simplest blackjack card that counts the procedure the player can study.

This can give the player a mathematical goal that has an advantage over the casino.

The player can study the speed that counts in just two days.

The cons:

Speed counting has a limited number of courses available around the world.

A speed that counts description:

The seven factors that the player will have to buy to present the advantage against the casino can be learned in two full days.

Speed counting is the easiest and easiest to learn than in any other card counting procedure.

The player can have 70 to 95% of skills with speed, which counts the other counting procedure like KO and High / Low.

This uses a current count, which does not need an annulment, multiplication or division.

Speed counting can teach the player to buy more comps at a little risk.

Speed counting has a new calibrated basic strategy that offers a built-in camouflage.

The player can learn the count by actually playing simulated blackjack in casino session games.

The speed count can preset the size of the bet based on the count to have automatic player decisions.

Speed counting can teach the player about money management and bankroll considerations for any degree of gambling.

The speed that counts the courses is learned and examined by the two of the most important mathematicians in the country who have their test at casino games. Both have proven that using speed counting can give the player advantages over the casino.

Let me remind players that even if they have acquired the speed that counts the skills it does not follow that they will win with each game that they will play. The speed that counts the course will also provide the student with a realistic detail on what to expect when playing blackjack in a casino, of course, there is always risk involved.